Paper Submission Instructions


-- PAM invites authors to submit papers that are no more than 10 pages in the LNCS format.

-- Submissions must be in electronic form, as PDF documents.

-- All manuscripts must be in English.

-- Review will be single blind, i.e., author anonymization is not required.

-- Ethical standards for measurement must be considered by all authors. In particular, authors must conform to acceptable use policies, data privacy and anonymity for all personally identifiable information, and etiquette for using shared measurement data. (See Allman and Paxson, IMC '07.) If applicable, authors are also urged to notify parties of security flaws in their products or services in advance of publication.

-- We hold the view that an inherent principle of scientific research is the ability to replicate and build upon existing published works. This requires data and tools used in publications to be public, but as that is sometimes in conflict with the preceding requirement to preserve privacy, PAM will adopt the following policy to encourage reproducible research:

(i) Authors must state in the paper (both for review, and in the final version) whether data and/or tools will be available to other researchers, and under what conditions they will be available: e.g., general public access, access under license, or only via NDA. Authors should also describe the steps used to ensure that the data will remain available, say after graduate students finish, or the current project ends.

(ii) If data or tools won't be made available, authors are required to explicitly justify this decision. Papers based on datasets and/or tools that are made available to the research community will be given higher priority.

  Submissions that do not comply to these requirements may be rejected without review.


The paper submission site here.

The registration system will be ready by Nov. 22, 2012.